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Oilco takes great pride in its ability to understand and analyze the different and unique business natures of its clients, while striving to achieve the maximum benefit to its clients and to the environment. Our knowledge of best practice solutions to suit the variety of businesses in the market, has given us a leading edge in providing practical, reliable and efficient solutions. Our management and operational teams in cooperation with our clients have been able structure and facilitate bespoke solutions to meet the challenges that arise, complimented with our outreach into the most innovative and advanced technologies available.

Oilco provides its clients with the commitment of collection through it binding contracts and agreements. Compensation for our collection of UCO is preformed through a method that is both transparent and extremely beneficial, insuring the optimum value and benefit to our clients. Oilco guarantees via its long-term contracts, its obligation and duty to fulfill its commitments regardless of fluctuations in market pricing for UCO. In addition Oilco provides its clients with the security, of insuring that their wastes, are disposed/exported in accordance to corporate governance and responsibility, in line with environmental regulations.

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